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Scott Theriot

Scott Theriot

General Manager

Scott Theriot is a senior manager in Supply Chain Management. He has over 18 years’ experience in the oil/gas industry. Scott’s industry experience comes mostly from working with Danos while supporting major IOCs in the Gulf of Mexico.


In 2020, Scott partnered with other SMEs in supply chain to develop and implement i²ms from concept to go live. i²ms utilizes people, processes, and technology to provide an end-to-end materials solution to their clients.


For 18 years prior to this, Scott was able to lead supply chain transformations within his customer base which allowed his customers to focus on high level initiatives while Danos managed the day-to-day materials management.


In 2017, Scott received his master’s degree in supply chain management while managing and coordinating the development of a greenfield warehouse for an LNG plant. His past supply chain experience and partnerships with other SMEs in supply chain gives him a unique insight into providing a true outsourced materials solution to all asset intensive industries.

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