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Inventory & Materials

i²ms focuses on enabling inventory and materials management to our clients as a service. By utilizing our service offerings our clients can optimize working capital, purchasing costs and utilize a value-based service model. Clients are already realizing cost savings of up to 30%.


Master Data Management

  • Master data creation & administration support center

  • Material master classification and enrichment services

  • Asset master management, spare parts interchangeability records

  • Recommendations for OEM replacement parts

  • Vendor master cleanup


Inventory Analytics, Optimization & Management

  • Optimal replenishment/ stocking levels/ service level

  • Intelligent parts substitution & improve bill of materials

  • Enable vendor managed inventory

  • Policy, processes and governance, physical inventory management


Demand & Replinishment Planning

  • Fully-integrated multi-echelon planning solution employing Artificial

  • Automated forecast model selection, optimal demand sensing and
    signaling, etc.


Investment Recovery Enablement

  • Manage surplus, project excess, data cleansing, valuation

  • Integrated platform to enable auction

  • Network redeployment

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