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i²ms offers a wealth of expertise in warehouse management, particularly catering to the needs of oil and gas clients situated along the Gulf Coast. Whether you require specialized warehouse support to complement your existing team or a comprehensive, hassle-free solution, we are your ideal collaborator. We are dedicated to tailoring a solution that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements, enhancing the efficiency and value within your supply chain.


i²ms utilizes Intelligent Integrated Tracking (i²trax) Warehouse Management System which is specifically designed to meet the needs of all asset intensive industries. Our industry leading integrated materials and warehousing services allows our clients to develop a creative strategic partnership where i²ms manages their warehouse operations and warehouse management systems. i²ms will continuously find ways to automate your warehouse operations and keep your company at the forefront of warehousing and materials management.


Automation & Management System

  • Radio Frequency Identification, Auto ID, Barcode and QR Code

  • Manage warehouse resource (fleet & people) utilization

  • Improved fulfilment rate, service level &Transactional efficiency

Operations, Repair, Preservation & Fleet

  • Warehouse Operations & Cross dock operations

  • Repairs, Preservation, Fleet & Quality management

  • Warehouse access control & security

  • SMART Stocking (5S Model)

Tubular Management & Tracking

  • Optimize process and drive standardization

  • End to end visibility / tracking - mill to downhole

  • Improve efficiency through automation

  • Automatic well schematics

Design & Optimization

  • 3D/ 2D Warehouse Design, Layout Mapping, etc.

  • Network Optimization & Warehouse Consolidation

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