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i²ms utilizes Intelligent Integrated Tracking (i²trax) Warehouse Management System which is specifically designed to meet the needs of all asset intensive industries. Our industry leading integrated materials and warehousing services allows our clients to develop a creative strategic partnership where i²ms manages their warehouse operations and warehouse management systems. i²ms will continuously find ways to automate your warehouse operations and keep your company at the forefront of warehousing and materials management.


Automation & Management System

  • Radio Frequency Identification, Auto ID, Barcode and QR Code

  • Manage warehouse resource (fleet & people) utilization

  • Improved fulfilment rate, service level &Transactional efficiency


Operations, Repair, Preservation & Fleet

  • Warehouse Operations & Cross dock operations

  • Repairs, Preservation, Fleet & Quality management

  • Warehouse access control & security

  • SMART Stocking (5S Model)


Tubular Management & Tracking

  • Optimize process and drive standardization

  • End to end visibility / tracking - mill to downhole

  • Improve efficiency through automation

  • Automatic well schematics


Design & Optimization

  • 3D/ 2D Warehouse Design, Layout Mapping, etc.

  • Network Optimization & Warehouse Consolidation

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